News 2015-16


Amherst Dance

A collaboration with Amherst Dance to put on a tango show here!

October & November

We'll be hosting our milonga in conjunction with AC After Dark on November 7th! Here's some info on that with more to come. Mark your calendars!

Amherst Tango After Dark - Saturday, November 7, 2015

8-10 PM
Beginner Tango Experience
(Amherst After Dark for Amherst Students)
with Broadway Dance Stars
Diego & Carolina,
Club Coach Daniel Trenner,
members of the Amherst Tango Club,
and Live Music by
The New York Tango Trio
Rodolfo Zanetti, bandoneon
Pablo Aslan, bass
Emilio Solla, piano

10 PM-1 AM
Fall Concert and Milonga
(open to the public)
(Dance Performances
around 11:30 PM)

Everything (+food) at
The Friedmann Room
Campus Center
Amherst College

Stop by and dance, or sit and enjoy the music!

If you have any questions about this or anything else, stop by at one of our board meeting at 5:30 in MoPratt, come to the lessons, or email us!

August & September

Thank you for a great first meeting!

Full schedule is here!

If you have even the smalled interest in joining tango, please sign the club waiver. This is new for the 2015-16 year and is required for students participating in any Five College activity. More info and instructions here.


For "Select an activity", we are under Amherst Argentine Tango.

We will be at the Student Activites Fair, which is on September 7th, from 11am to 1pm. Stop by our booth to learn more!


The Amherst College Argentine Tango Club was envisioned in the 2007-2008 school year by a couple of individuals who saw a need for an extracurricular tango organization at Amherst College and the 5-Colleges. The roots of the club date even longer, when during one Interterm session, Amherst College hosted a course in Argentine Tango. This is how the collegiate world of Argentine Tango was introduced in the Pioneer Valley. Since its inception the club has been supported by 5-College Tango professor and Argentine Tango instructor Daniel Trenner, whose great expertise in the world of tango has deeply benefited the club. Learn More